Uber Eats Cubic Delivery Bag

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Start earning today by ordering your official Uber Eats backpack with the classic and sturdy cubic design. We are the licensed manufacturers and distributors of their bags throughout Europe. The classic cubic bag is the ideal tool for scooter and bike delivery partners. It is strong and sturdy and keeps its shape no matter what. Very durable, made to last.


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This sturdy cubic backpack will hold all of your food orders while you're out making deliveries, and it's also comfortable to wear all day.

It is a necessity for drivers and riders who want an official Uber Eats branded bag with materials and a design that are of the highest calibre, repellent to water, robust, lightweight, and dependable.

Every delivery backpack we make has outstanding thermal insulation qualities to guarantee that you can deliver groceries and hot and cold food orders to your customers. Riders and messengers will be happy to learn that our bags are bicycle and motorcycle friendly, meaning that they are appropriate for all kinds of vehicles. Here at this shop for delivery bags , we place a high priority on quality delivery bags.

Perhaps you've tried a few bags from businesses like Deliveroo, Just Eat, FoodHub, and others but weren't satisfied with them. Now that we have our cubic backpack, everything has changed. Our Uber delivery bags are made of high-quality materials with reinforced seams, heavy-duty zippers, and adjustable straps, so they are designed to last.

To keep food orders secure, it is sturdy and rigid due to its cubic design. Additionally, you can be sure that your food will be piping hot, fresh, and dry by the time it reaches your customer, no matter the weather, thanks to its 100% water-repellent coating and airtight zipper seal.

Why our bags are the best option...

Thermally insulated food delivery backpack

One of our delivery bags' best qualities is its capacity for thermal insulation. Each bag has a special thermo design that maintains the temperature of cold items (such as drinks and ice cream) and hot foods, keeping them both steaming hot. Both hot and cold items can be transported together because of the bag's compartmental design, which maintains different temperature environments.

Water-Repellant & Weatherproof

Food delivery can be challenging, especially when it's raining. You can slightly ease your life with our water-resistant delivery backpack. They are built sturdily to safeguard your food against moisture and bad weather. Our delivery bags for Uber Eats are constructed from 500D polyester, which is 100% water-resistant, robust, and breathable. The unique, water-repellent surface prevents moisture and water from penetrating.

Comfortable & Durable

Stop suffering from back pain from transporting heavy food containers. This bag has padded, adjustable shoulder straps that are designed to distribute weight more securely, comfortably, and conveniently.

Perfect for professionals

 For business use, such as by restaurants and bike delivery delivery partners, our delivery bags are perfect. Bicycle delivery partners around the world use it as an Uber Delivery Bag, Deliveroo Bag, Just Eat Bag, etc.

Six-month Warranty

Every bag from UberEats comes standard with excellent quality. Each delivery bag is sturdy and comes with a six-month warranty against defects in manufacturing. The extremely strong, heavy-duty zippers are made for frequent use.

Hot or Cold Insulation

These thermo insulated delivery backpacks and food bags will keep all orders containing food and drink at a consistent temperature during delivery. You can rest assured that the temperature will be held steady for several hours.

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  • Large compartment - more space means more orders can fit inside our bags. Fit up to 10 large pizzas
  • Easy access from either side - conveniently open the bag from the top or the side
  • Strong top handle - super-sturdy durable top handles ensures your bag can easily slide off your shoulders and held upright using the top handle which makes handing over the food delivery so easy.
  • Food separator for different temperature items - keep orders at the perfect temperature. Meals are hot and drinks are cold thanks to separate compartments.
  • Side pocket - handy side mesh pocket and large front pocket for keeping personal or delivery items easy to find and ready to use.
  • Shoulder and chest straps - comfort is important when out on the road for many hours. The shoulder straps are comfortable and strong, helping to distribute the weight of the backpack, and the chest straps keep your bag securely positioned.
  • Soft and comfortable back padding with breathable mesh for maximum comfort when delivering food for many hours.
  • Underside clips and straps - these can be used to secure your backpack to a bike or motorcycle
  • 6 month manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Tax deductible expense - did you know that your bag is 100% tax deductible? Ensure you add your tax ID in the orders notes section when placing order
  • Official merchandise - rest assured that you are ordering official products and merchandise through this Uber shop.
  • Velcro and elastic cup holder
  • Puller on zippers for smooth handling
  • 5pcs footer
  • Vertically movable separator tray


  • Outer: Tarpaulin 500D, 100% water resistant, easily cleanable
  • Inner: heat reflective aluminium foil
  • Inside: EP Foam and PP Board


  • 42cm width x 42cm depth x 50cm height (up to 10x 16” pizzas)
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